Monday, September 1, 2014

One Good Deed a Day

It's the first day of September, and I couldn't have started it off in a better way: doing good deeds. I bought this journal almost two weeks ago, but wanted to start on the first of a month (easier to keep track and the minor OCD part of me kicked in). Although I tend to write in journals/diaries for no more than a week, I really want to stay committed to this one. When I first saw this journal, I bought it impulsively because I loved the cover and I'm a sucker for journals; but, as I flipped the pages I loved the idea of doing something nice everyday and I am really glad I didn't leave it on the shelf. 
There are 365 different ideas to complete throughout the year. Also, the deeds aren't just meant for strangers. There are some things you can do for your friend, partner, and yourself! There is also some space to write down a reflection about how you felt doing this deed. 
This is the one I am going to do today. I accidentally wrote that I already completed this deed (you're supposed to write it in at the end of the day and then reflect on it) but I plan on completing it. I also thought it was a good idea since I will be spending the afternoon working at the mall and their will be many Labor Day sales. So this will test me to say no and save my money. 
I am excited to finish this journal while feeling good about making someone else's day by doing small deeds. I also hope to turn many of these ideas into habit. I will be posting some that I have done that throughout the year as well. If you would like to purchase this journal as well, it can be found at Target for $15. And if you'd like, here's one you can do too!


  1. What a cute book! I definitely want to pick that one up, thanks :)

    1. Your welcome! And if it's not to late, I just found it on Amazon for 12$ :) save yourself a couple of bucks.