Monday, August 25, 2014


I've used Vinted for two months now, and it has been one of my most favorite apps. I will more than likely mention it a lot, and I have several links to it, so I thought it would be a great idea to tell you about it! So Vinted is another app/website you can use to sell, buy, or swap your clothes. But I think Vinted is much more simple and has many features available. 

The Basics
You can either sell, buy, or connect with other Vinties. When you sell you also have the option to swap items; I have not swapped, but I have seen people write about what great deals they have made through swapping. In addition, I have not purchased anything yet (only because I am trying to make money and not fall into my old shopping addiction ways) So I will talk about what I do know...SELLING! So Vinted keeps 19% of what you make, but after selling several items I didn't even notice it and it sure beats having your items collect dust in the back of your closet. Also, the buyer pays for shipping, so all you have to worry about is posting your items up and packaging it (the FUN stuff). 
This is an example of my packaging. 
So another thing you can do, is connect with other Vinties either through messages, forums, or blogs. Many people message you for more details on your items, but occasionally you will get someone who tells you of what a great job you are doing or how awesome your closet is. The forums are very fun, entertaining and a great place to talk if you want to make friends, ask questions, vent, or just write.

The Cons
Like every good thing, there are some downfalls. Occasionally, you will get some people who will try to get you to sell your items for a lot less, but thats everywhere and you can always refuse. 
I've never been scammed, but I can only assume it has happened. Something I suggest is to check out the persons reviews because it will save you from making any decisions you are thinking about doing and to see who you are doing business with. Also the mods are extremely helpful and take scamming, bullying, and unfriendly users seriously. I have messaged them four times and they have always helped out and answered all of my questions. 
Other than that, I cannot put my finger on what else is bad. 

I definitely recommend using this if your looking to sell, buy, or meet new people. I have made extra cash on clothes that have been sitting in the back of my closet or that has never been worn. Also, ever since using this, I have become smarter about shopping and saving money. If you would like to visit my closet click here or the cute little tab under my sidebar photo. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Allen's Twenty-fun Festivities

Last week was Allen's birthday, and the celebrations continued until yesterday. Allen turned 21, or as I like to say, twenty-fun, on August 12. The previous day was my friend's birthday. So my sisters Liz and Reyna, Allen and I, and the birthday girl Angel and her lovely son Tristan went out to celebrate by having dinner. We then ended the night with some bowling fun. Happy 20th Birthday Angel!
Right after bowling at 12:00 am, my sisters wanted to be the first people to take Allen out for his first purchase of beer. I was unable to go since I am not 21 yet, but thankfully my sister was able to capture the moment for me! Funny thing, on the ride there my boyfriend realized his license expired that same day. So afterwards we all went back to my moms house to watch The Office and enjoy Allen's first purchase. 
We then had lunch at one of our favorite spaghetti joints, called Vince's, with my family. Here we shared laughs, ate delicious food, and opened gifts. I usually have a "theme" for the way I wrap Allen's gifts. Last year I went with Mickey Mouse but this year I decided to go with good ol' patriotic United States of America...with a hint of Alma. After watching the World Cup, Allen became highly into the sport and showing more interest and appreciation for our country. It actually got a little bit out of hand that I told him he cannot mention it more than 5 times a day unless he wanted to buy me Pinkberry. But for his birthday I decided to go with something I knew he loved so I went with the red, white, and blue colors using polkadots and striped to add my little touch. As for his gifts, I had a really tough time choosing what I wanted to get him. I had a lot of ideas but after living together, it's kind of like you already have everything due to sharing. And I wanted to get him something that was just for him. So after much thinking and decision making, I came up with giving him: a completely new wardrobe, books, and tons of printed socks. As well as these, which I consider my favorite gifts this year:
 "The Curious Bartender," and a personalized flask that reads: Allen Reagan, Everyone's got a little captain in 'em! While shopping at Anthro, I saw Allen's eyes light up and I knew I had to buy it. As for the flask, I used to buy him personalized gifts for every occasion and thought I bought everything I could. But one day, while playing Kings Cup at my sisters house, my brother in law said "I am going to have a flask with Captain Morgan just for you," to Allen (since he doesn't take beer in so well and Captain Morgan is he favorite alcoholic beverage), and I looked up and just knew. So I got him this flask with his First and Middle name, a quote that can be found on Captain Morgan bottles, and a little anchor because his dad used to be in the navy and I always try to incorporate his dad in anything I can.
Coincidentally, my sister and brother in law also got him a flask paired with a Captain Morgan bottle. We then went to my mom's house where my sisters gave him their gifts which included: A sash, birthday ribbon, alcohol, and a new game for games night! We ended the night by making drinks from the recipe book and cake!
The next day we celebrated part two with my godson Jayden at Disneyland. Because what is a birthday with out some Disneyland? This is the first time we were able to go on all the rides with Jayden because he now reaches the hight limit! Aside from that I bought Allen and I grape soda pins from Up! 
So after all that, yesterday we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Farrell's, with Allen's brother and his family. We absolutely love coming here for dates because the food, ice-cream, service, and environment is so much fun and one of a kind. It's ten times better when you are celebrating any occasion. 
Also, the day after, August 13th was my nephews birthday. Happy 6th birthday to him! Heres a picture of all three birthdays :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

In Celebration

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY! When Emorie told me my new blog should be ready on Monday, I wanted to do something special for the release date. So I decided the best way to celebrate is through a giveaway, and you’re invited!!
I will be giving away two different jewelry stands to two different lucky winners! I am mainly promoting it through Vinted but everyone is welcomed to join and added possible ways for everyone to earn points! All my social media links can be found on the sidebar to the right. 

-OVERVIEW: Two different winners will have the chance to win one jewelry stand. This giveaway is based off of a points system. The person with the most points will get first choice and the second person will get the other giveaway.

+Follow me on Vinted 5 points
+Follow me on Instagram 5 points
+Follow my best friend (lucyslittlecloset) 3 points
+For my fellow followers who followed me before this giveaway, you get 7 points
+Bump this post (through Vinted) and you earn 1 point. Maximum of 2 points (over phone and on computer)
+Favorite items from my closet. Earn 1 point for each for a maximum of 10 points.
+Purchase something from my items= 10 points PLUS half of the amount you purchased before shipping. This means: If you purchase something from my closet of $10 you get 10 points for purchasing plus 5 points for a total of 15 points. $30 dollars would be 10 points plus 15 equaling 25 points! If the number is weird and odd, I will round up J

+Check out my blog and comment on what you think! 10 points
+Let Emorie know of what fantastic job she did through comments via her recent post 7 points
+I appreciate creativity, so if you make a banner and post it through Vinted or on Instagram with a reason why you want to win, should win, what you’d do if you win, etc. You will get 9 points from any site you do it on. If you send it to me through email (, you will earn 10 points and it will be posted onto my blog.
+Give me ideas of what you would like me to write on my blog. Must be detailed; for example you cannot say: You should write about dogs. 2 points will only be given to the person who first let me know. You can give up to five ideas
+I have written down ten blog post ideas for myself, if you match my idea you get 5 points!! Only given to the first person to match what I have written.
+Share this with your friends and get them to follow me through Vinted will get you 3 points plus every social network they follow me on will equal another point
For example: Your best friend tells me you shared this with them and they follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Vinted, YOU will get a total of 5 points. If they just follow me on Vinted, YOU will get 3 points. They will get their points as well. Also, your friend MUST be following and let me know it was you who they were told by and they can only be referred to once.

+Tell me you are interested by commenting, messaging or emailing.
+I will Pay for shipping.
+You MUST let me know what your usernames are from the sites you followed me on.
+I will constantly look to see if any points were earned daily. I do encourage you to also let me know what points you have earned.
+Message, email, or tag me and comment so I can be notified for any questions, comments and concerns. I will check everyday; but just in case, I would not like for someone to fall through the cracks.
+Let’s stay on the same page, so message me to know how many points you have earned and I will see what I have written down as well.
+I have written down the names of people who were following me before this posting this, the names are solid!
+This will go on until September 30 12:00 pm, no exceptions!
+Every Wednesday I will tally your points.
+You have to be following till the end of the giveaway.

-What You Can Win-
I have been keeping tabs since a week ago, and cannot wait to see how it turns out. This is my first rodeo, but I will give my 110% to make it a great experience. If you would like to know how many points you are currently at message me on a Thursday. And do not be discouraged; I do have plans on having more giveaways!
Let the giveaway begin.
-Your Friend, Alma. 

Join Me For The Ride

Hello There! Alma’s Darling Dailies is finally here! I am so excited to start writing and posting things! Thank you so much to the lovely multitalented Emorie from Oh Whimisical Me. Emorie did an amazing job, wouldn’t you say? I definitely recommend going to her for any blog design inquiries. She is easy to work with, has great communication, gives amazing suggestions, and knows exactly what you are looking for.

A quick rundown of working with Emorie:
I sent an email to her about how I wanted to change my blog and how I wanted her to be the one to help me with that. I got a response in a matter of minutes! She agreed, and let me know when we’d be able to start working on it. The day we started working on it, she gave me various ways of contacting her, showing her things I like, and a website to see the changes she was making. Although we are miles away, I felt like she was right here showing me because of the great communication she upheld. Anytime I wrote to her she would respond fairly quickly, and when she would also let me know when she wouldn’t be able to work on it, I really admired her for that. Also, I didn’t know what I really was going for, Emorie came up with a lot of and I am completely in love with my new design. Every suggestion she made was my style and fit perfectly! Again, go to this darling lady for any design inquiries. The process is easy, fun, and well worth it. If you have any questions or want to know more details, click here

I want to post many things, but with so many new changes I think it would be best to take a tour!
There are a lot of new and special features you can find on my blog!
+Let’s start with my sidebar: On the right you will be able to find me through my various social networks. I can be found on Vinted, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Just click on the icon and it will take you straight there! My email is listed as well in case you would like to send me a message, get to know me, or just wanted to say hi!
Below my social network links I have previews of my most used apps.  You will see things I have recently posted on Vinted, Instagram, and Pinterest. I use Vinted and Instagram the most so you will see many new listings. I am working on utilizing Pinterest more often though :)
Lastly, I have my archive. The listing is based off dates. It starts with Year, then Month, and then date.

+The top header I have different pages.
There is an About me and Sponsor Page.
My “About” is my favorite page. Emorie caught the real me and did a fantastic job! This page goes on further detail about who I am, my likes, and frequently asked questions.
If you click on “Sponsor,” There will be a link for you to be able to sponsor me on your page. I would love to fill my sidebar with lovely readers. So click on that page for more information about how we can switch buttons.
And after that, you can click on Home to go back here.

I have so many ideas of what I want to write about and can’t wait to share them with you. So I hope you stick around, so we can get to know each other and become old friends. Thanks again for stopping by!
Your Friend, Alma.