Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It's almost Goodbye September, Hello October! So I decided to do a little bit of catching up on current events. This month has been smoother and I have exciting things coming up.
Focusing on: School and getting ahead of the game. It's only been the first week, but I have taken on six classes and doing everything I can to not fall back. I've channeling my inner Hermoine and pouring myself into reading, writing papers, and studying. 
Reading:  Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey. Classes have been keeping me busy with reading. But I have made time for my personal reading. I sneak in a poem or two every other day. The poems I have read have more of a personal affect, so I take it all in rather than rush through. 
Watching: That 70's Show, Scandal, Once Upon a Time, and The Voice. Allen and I are always watching re-runs on Netflix; and for now we are watching That 70's Show. I'm so glad Scandal and Once Upon a Time have returned, my Thursdays and Sundays feel more complete now. I normally do not keep up with The Voice after the blind auditions, but this season one the lead singers from one of my favorite bands, Sleeper Agent, is on the show! Alex Kandel who is on Team Gwen is who I am following and keeping my eyes out for. 
Loving: The new Bath and Body Works hand sanitizes, denim, boots, and neutrals. 
Trying: to be more social. I'm trying to make more friends in school and spending more time with friends, as well as reconnecting with old friends. Also, I am trying to post more on my Instagram. Usually I am doing what I wore pictures, which really helps and encourages me to get ready instead of wearing basics. 
Looking forward to: The Fall and October. I'm excited for the cooler weather, layers, warm drinks, and falling leaves. In October I am seeing Beirut and a soccer game, my moms birthday, and I turn 22! I'm still unsure of what I want to do because I have such a  hectic schedule, but birthdays are always fun :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September

 Wow! Can you believe it's already September? I am so excited for this month (and the rest that follow). August wasn't my month so much; although it is a month I needed. I faced so many challenges and obstacles, but I believe it was in that time that I collected myself, reevaluated my priorities, and regained self confidence. And I like to think that everything August prepared me for will show in September and the many days and years to follow.
So why am I so excited for September? Well aside from all the parties and festivities, I will begin Fall quarter, I am working out (and crossing my fingers, that by the end of this month results will show), and I just feel a new breeze of wonderful things to come. The weather has been nice and I have been having a lot of me time as well as family time.

 Perhaps the reason why I'm so prepared and ready for fall to come is because I started off on the right foot. I woke up earlier than usual, got ready for the day, spent time with Allen before he went to work, passed by my mom's house, and came back home to do my daily workout and unplug. Yes! Just like my One Good Deed a Day journal, I have bought yet another one. This Unplug Every Day journal is very similar except that a lot of those good deeds are for yourself. I am turning a new leaf and treating myself better by not stressing so much, loving myself more, and straying away from things and those who bring negativity into my life. I used this book this morning and just relaxed and reflected on what plans and goals I have for today and this month (baby steps). You can purchase this journal here. I strongly encourage it, especially if you find yourself bringing stress home, not giving your surroundings attention, or simply want to better your life. There are so many fun and simple activities you can do for yourself, a partner, or stranger.

Throughout the Summer I was always found hiding behind a book. It mainly started when I began reading the Harry Potter series. Allen bought me the series collection and after every book we would watch the movie, and I would read another book before starting the next. Well this is where I am at. I am in the process starting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I have picked up three other's along the way. I must admit that I got carried away and buried myself due to me not wanting to read HP. Due to the fact that I know what will happen to Sirius', I don't think I am ready for it. He has always been one of my favorite characters and after reading the book, I just fell more in love with him that I rather delay the time. It's silly, but I am going to tackle this book by the end of the week.
I initially picked up Gone Girl, because I really wanted to understand both perspectives more. The way Gillian Flynn writes from Amy's perspective, honestly makes my heart sympathize. If you liked the movie, you will love the book.
I am a huge fan of YA, and The Improbably Theory of Ana & Zak, was one of those books I just picked up and purchased. It's quirky, fun, and an easy read. The book's cover reminded me of my sister who is a math major, and it was so hard to not relate her and Ana. So I think I automatically configured the characters to mesh it with my sister's life. 
IF YOU LOVE POETRY, BEAUTY IN WORDS, OR ARE ALIVE I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lullabies by Lang Leav. One day I went through a poetry craze and purchased ten books on poetry and I'm glad I did. I started just by reading Allen a poem each night before we go to bed, but it was so hard to contain myself, that I soon began reading five pages, ten pages, and so on. Leav writes so beautifully, and whether in a relationship or not I think there is room for everyone to relate. She had me as soon as I read her dedication, it reads: "For Michael, I love you, I do- you have my word. You have all my words." Right! I can say so many things about her book, but I think you should check it out yourself and share your thoughts with me :)

After so many requests, I do plan on sharing my current reading and books I'd recommend, but I am waiting for my library to further develop. I am trying to branch out from YA, so any recommendations would help. What are your favorite novels, authors, poems, and HP character? 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Being Two Places at Once

So far, July has been the most eventful month this year. I've made huge decisions (more on that later) and even gone to two once. The beginning of this month had been a rough start, luckily my family had planned a road trip for this past week. We set off to the trip on July 6th, and arrived to Nevada that afternoon. Most of the time was spent on the strip or on Freemont, going into bars, listening to live music, collecting casino club cards, and living each day without worries. I am not a gambler, but it was fun spending a day going throughout the strip and collecting cards. Most of the time we would walk into bars and just order drinks while listening to cover bands and looking at street art. An illusionist actually used my sister for assistance, and I still do not know how he put her money in a lemon. We also saw Jersey Boys (my favorite night). This is my second time watching it and Allen's third, but it was my sisters and their husbands first and I am glad they loved it as much as we do. If you are ever in Las Vegas, this is a must see! In our hotel, there is also a pool where you can swim with the fishes and sharks...but I made the mistake of watching Shark Week during my free time. I also went to see Hoover Dam, which was pretty intense. The borderline of Nevada and Arizona is shown in the center, one step to the left and I am in Nevada, to the right I am in Arizona. 
On Thursday we drove to Laughlin, Arizona. Our first stop was to see the Great Canyon, 1 of the 7 Great Wanders. The time spent at Laughlin was more outdoors and adventurous. I rode a jet ski for the first time and I loved it! I didn't drive it because after seeing so many people fall, I got cold feet (ha!) Yet, I stood up while being passenger and decided that would be an even better idea. I didn't take many pictures because too much fun. But I really needed this vacation and it not worrying about next day feels amazing. Here's a fun fact: In Arizona, I was unable to order a drink because the waiter couldn't accept my license since it was vertical. But across the street, I am able to order as many drinks as I want. So I finally lived my Walk to Remember dream, and was at two places at once... now onto that butterfly tattoo ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Planning Fun Stuff!

I recently started planning that I've been so excited to share what I have been working on. I've seen so many photos of people getting creative with their planners, that I thought I thought I should give it a shot. I have so many unused planners, card stock, wash tape, stickers, and ideas, that I needed to put it towards something and planning was the perfect answer. There are so many benefits of planning (the creativity is just an extra bonus). I always over look events and agree to several plans that clash with one another or do not stick to simple plans (workouts, book goals, good deeds, etc.)
Here's how I set up my planner:
+ I like to plan week by week instead of month by month. So every Wednesday I set aside an hour or so to plan for the upcoming week. 
+ Doodles and stickers give a fun look.
+ Add motivational quotes. Need some sunshine? Just open your planner...and look forward to your upcoming events!
+ Lots of color!! Markers, crayons, pens, you name it. 
+ Highlight your highlights. I love having days off and making it known, or pay day! 
+ I include my work schedule, important dates, holidays, and goals. Even if I already know I have to work, it still gives me an idea of how my day will look. 

My planner is from Target as well as the paper. However, the decorations are from various shops here and the doodles are from yours truly :)
I recently went to Target and saw that they are coming out with new patterns, so I'm perhaps going to purchase a separate one just for school.

Do you plan? Or know of any cute sites that sell planning kits. Feel free to comment any tips :)