Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Being Two Places at Once

So far, July has been the most eventful month this year. I've made huge decisions (more on that later) and even gone to two places...at once. The beginning of this month had been a rough start, luckily my family had planned a road trip for this past week. We set off to the trip on July 6th, and arrived to Nevada that afternoon. Most of the time was spent on the strip or on Freemont, going into bars, listening to live music, collecting casino club cards, and living each day without worries. I am not a gambler, but it was fun spending a day going throughout the strip and collecting cards. Most of the time we would walk into bars and just order drinks while listening to cover bands and looking at street art. An illusionist actually used my sister for assistance, and I still do not know how he put her money in a lemon. We also saw Jersey Boys (my favorite night). This is my second time watching it and Allen's third, but it was my sisters and their husbands first and I am glad they loved it as much as we do. If you are ever in Las Vegas, this is a must see! In our hotel, there is also a pool where you can swim with the fishes and sharks...but I made the mistake of watching Shark Week during my free time. I also went to see Hoover Dam, which was pretty intense. The borderline of Nevada and Arizona is shown in the center, one step to the left and I am in Nevada, to the right I am in Arizona. 
On Thursday we drove to Laughlin, Arizona. Our first stop was to see the Great Canyon, 1 of the 7 Great Wanders. The time spent at Laughlin was more outdoors and adventurous. I rode a jet ski for the first time and I loved it! I didn't drive it because after seeing so many people fall, I got cold feet (ha!) Yet, I stood up while being passenger and decided that would be an even better idea. I didn't take many pictures because too much fun. But I really needed this vacation and it not worrying about next day feels amazing. Here's a fun fact: In Arizona, I was unable to order a drink because the waiter couldn't accept my license since it was vertical. But across the street, I am able to order as many drinks as I want. So I finally lived my Walk to Remember dream, and was at two places at once... now onto that butterfly tattoo ;)