Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It's almost Goodbye September, Hello October! So I decided to do a little bit of catching up on current events. This month has been smoother and I have exciting things coming up.
Focusing on: School and getting ahead of the game. It's only been the first week, but I have taken on six classes and doing everything I can to not fall back. I've channeling my inner Hermoine and pouring myself into reading, writing papers, and studying. 
Reading:  Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey. Classes have been keeping me busy with reading. But I have made time for my personal reading. I sneak in a poem or two every other day. The poems I have read have more of a personal affect, so I take it all in rather than rush through. 
Watching: That 70's Show, Scandal, Once Upon a Time, and The Voice. Allen and I are always watching re-runs on Netflix; and for now we are watching That 70's Show. I'm so glad Scandal and Once Upon a Time have returned, my Thursdays and Sundays feel more complete now. I normally do not keep up with The Voice after the blind auditions, but this season one the lead singers from one of my favorite bands, Sleeper Agent, is on the show! Alex Kandel who is on Team Gwen is who I am following and keeping my eyes out for. 
Loving: The new Bath and Body Works hand sanitizes, denim, boots, and neutrals. 
Trying: to be more social. I'm trying to make more friends in school and spending more time with friends, as well as reconnecting with old friends. Also, I am trying to post more on my Instagram. Usually I am doing what I wore pictures, which really helps and encourages me to get ready instead of wearing basics. 
Looking forward to: The Fall and October. I'm excited for the cooler weather, layers, warm drinks, and falling leaves. In October I am seeing Beirut and a soccer game, my moms birthday, and I turn 22! I'm still unsure of what I want to do because I have such a  hectic schedule, but birthdays are always fun :)

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